Blockheads 1.7. Hype

Hey guys!

Long time no see! Did you know a new blockheads update is coming? That’s right! We don’t know when but we have some teasers and confirmed information!

Do you guys know that font you see on signs, shops, and above blockheads? It’s getting a change! 😮 Are you annoyed with those people who just buy 99 baskets? Removed in 1.7!

The biggest feature we know so far is EXPERT MODE! Basically in expert mode everything is tougher and harder. @_@ For a full list of confirmed and unconfirmed info check the link below!

I’ll let you guys know on any more MAJOR changes in 1.7! In return, let me know what you’re excited for!



Oh…. And there could be pets in the blockheads in 1.7. 😉


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