Blockheads 1.6.1 release!

Blockheads 1.6.1 has been released a while ago!

And it’s released for IOSAndroid, and Amazon!

1.6.1 introduces the new custom rules! Custom rules can be used to create wacky, or hardcore servers even! By the way, if you haven’t already. Add your server to the blockheadsfans list!

It get’s viewed a ton! 🙂

Good luck and have fun with custom rules!

4 thoughts on “Blockheads 1.6.1 release!

  1. Jimmy291723

    Custom world makes everyone lazy and old players waste their time. Us old players had to suffer to get portal to diamond. The lazy people never learn about hard work if they never know how much we been through. If a person join your server and if they are lazy, they will go to an another server until they stumble upon a custom world because they can get everything in the trade portal in custom. Imagine you being an old player that took your time to make a great server then the update 1.6.1 came out. People can make custom servers then make their world rich in 5 min. How is that fair for us?

    1. Dragonz...

      I agree! If you want to join my vanilla server to remember the old times, The name is Diamond Waters!

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