BHFans Serverlist Update!

Hey there fellow server owners!

BHFan’s serverlist is getting a MAJOR UPDATE!


(click the image for a better view)

To make sure though that you get the most out of it, You need to have a valid server join link. How might one do that though? Easy! 😀 Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready for the new update!

Do you remember this?


(click the image for a better view)

Servers now need a valid link from your blockhead server to set how many players are currently online in your server. Cool right? 😀

How do I get a valid link? There’s a couple of ways, I’ll name one.


Click the server you want to get the link from.

Look around for something that looks like this.


(click the image for a better view)

Copy the link circled in blue. (It’ll be different for you. So copy what’s on your page)

That’s a valid server link! Paste that into the circled area here,


and volia! You have made a valid server!

You can also change your server link if it’s already existing in your settings.


Please use this in the future if you make a mistake instead of recreating a server! Thanks!

Have fun! 😀

16 thoughts on “BHFans Serverlist Update!

  1. Skeeve

    April 22nd 2016:
    Hi guys,
    You may have noticed that the server count has significantly dropped today. (~40-50).
    This is because I went through the list and deleted a bunch of duplicate entries.
    There are still more duplicates to go through, which will take some time.

    In the meantime, I’d like to remind you that if you make a mistake when entering your server info, instead of creating a new entry, use the “My Account” menu and “My Servers” to find your server and edit it. I am noticing that people are instead creating a whole new entry which unnecessarily inflates the server list and makes it even more difficult for people to vote on the correct one – in some cases cannibalizing your votes.

    1. DaPerson Post author

      Hey Skeeve! Thanks for letting us know about that! I’ll see if I can edit my post to include that. Thanks!

      1. Skeeve

        Your Welcome!
        Oh, also, I should point out that some categories are mutually exclusive.
        For example, you can’t have a Customized setting such as “More Gems” and be a Vanilla World at the same time.

        I’ve been posting comments on these entries in the hopes that the author will correct them. If there is no response, I’ll have to delete the entry so as to avoid confusion.

        1. DaPerson Post author

          Can’t you (as a blockheads serverlist admin) change the tags of servers? I can try and ask Bibliophile to do that, as a side project if he wants.

          I might write a guide on how to make a great server page later. Who knows! 😀

          1. Skeeve

            Currently, the only way for me to change the server tags would be to reset the password of whoever listed the server, then Login as them, then change the server tags, then send them an email that their password changed to Block1234 or something like that.

            I’m sure there’s an easy way to code for allowing the Admins to just do it, but right now it’s not possible.

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