Awesome Art

Hey there!

Not many people really do visit the blog. But I’d like to keep it updated! I’m looking for some AMAZING art for the blog! If it’s amazing, I’ll post it in the next blog post!

Side Note: If enough people were to keep coming back to this blog. Would you like me to do some giveaways? Perhaps a month of funding for your bh server, or maybe even some fancy banners. I don’t know. Let me know down in the comments what you would LOVE to see. Until then, cya!

– Person

14 thoughts on “Awesome Art

  1. Nik

    Plzzzzz join my server call ? KITTY CITY ? By builderboss292 if u join when I’m on free 1,000,000 platinum coins and admin.Also =MGN= RedEagle I subscribed to ur channel and never even got mod on =MGN= Jets 🙁

    Anyways I’ll be going now, cya (btw I’m going …with Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    P.S. I’ll be on Tommorow at 2:00 PM


  2. Lakshvimalbhakta2007

    Go to my server link

  3. dier147

    guys im about to make a new server (i dont actually know what to call it yet suggestions? ) its gonna be awesome basically like banks that are unprotected but a cop station will be next to it guarding it cops get free land each player will have to earn land or explore and claim it

  4. dier147

    also there will be robbers bandits etc it will be like the old west kinda instead of cops there will be sheriffs and deputy’s it will be fun suggestion for the name? i was thinking maybe call it the old west?

  5. Yao Shi

    Why don’t u join the beautiful and lovely starlight skys made by starlight even I’m not the owner of it? The spawn is as beautiful and bright like a shooting star and u get free starters if u are new and there are: PVP arenas(only PVP with a a admins permission), crafting stations, hotels, railway and shops. Also I got admin by playing long and being nice

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