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Added by CattyKat
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Even if the title says only the show My Little Pony fans can join, anyone with different opinions can join. Even ones who hates it. Just one message to the haters, please do not offence any fans or other people. Make sure you do not argue or fight with anyone with different pony shippings as everyone can see different points of views. You are allowed to share your opinions, but if others do not like it, please do not force them in any shipping unnecessary.

Rules you may consider to follow to be safe and have fun in our server ;

  • Do not pvp, please make sure pvp is always off and please do not argue in any way possible
  • Do not mod or admin anyone without the owner's permission as it will result in demoting
  • Do not be mean or insult others, nor calling them "noobs","newbs", "newbies", or "noobies", please respect these starters and beginners in servers as they may have more experience in the game than you do
  • Do not place random portal chests, blocks, portals, shops, trade portals etc in random places as it can result as an obstacle for some people, but if you do make sure to label yours or else it might result being removed by staff
  • Do not grief or steal, nor entering anyones houses or checking any chests
  • No complaining, saying its laggy, trash talking or spamming as it will hide important messages needing to be seen
  • Always report to the owner via email, chat, skype, kik, or co owners if a co owner or admin or mod isn't doing a very good job or is breaking the rules in any way
  • Always replant resources such as trees etc, and make sure to cut trees on their second lowest trunk to leave even a 1 block trunk left for it to regrow
  • Do not swear, cuss, heck and hell and damn are fine
  • Always tell owner if there needs to be a rule added, thank you for reading this all
  • Others will be listed inside the server and on server welcome message, the server is still in progress, and we'll see you on our server! NOTE! We will be ROLEPLAYING as MLP CHARACTERS soon, we're still working on how should we do it. Stay tuned!

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    Comments (15)

    Comment by: tailsprower
    Hey p.s. detectivepika Leedle leedle leedle lee to u too
    Comment by: tailsprower
    Awwwww yea!!!!
    Comment by: CattyKat
    Yaaaaaaaaay 200+ votes!
    Comment by: Detectivepika
    LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE idk why I did tht who cares
    Comment by: tailsprower
    Ok, thanks. Filler sentence
    Comment by: CattyKat
    Sorry, this stupid thing won't let me post the join link :/. I click "paste" but it's empty. When I try at the server chat it pasted the link entirely. I'll just write the link down in the next comment.
    Comment by: tailsprower
    Just put the info in the comments for now, that is better than nothing P.s. gotenks is a jerk
    Comment by: CattyKat
    I can't post server join link somehow, I'm sorry I'll try again after posting replies. I'm not Cattying, sorry but no lol. I changed it to 50 times.
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    I think you should change it. Anyone could be mod if they just went on a minute a day and voted once a day for a week.
    Comment by: tailsprower
    Cattykat are you catty as in, war-gameworld catty? If so, why is war gameworld down?
    Comment by: tailsprower
    Can you post the server adress? My kindle fire won't take me to blockheads when i click the join link.
    Comment by: CattyKat
    I can change it. Also, if you didn't break the rules, no one will ban you. I made sure all mods and admins obey that.
    Comment by: CattyKat
    I can change it. Also, if you didn't break the rules, no one will ban you. I made sure all mods and admins obey that.
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    On the welcome message, it says you'll get mod if you vote 7 times. I doubt that ends up with great staff. I haven't been banned yet, but who knows when.
    Comment by: Detectivepika
    This server is recommended good staff and great owner

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