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Name Luniverse
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Added by Creator-Luni
Category Survival 16x Cities 

Please add the following code to your server’s Welcome Message

IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
41.182.***.*** 2019.02.17 08:56:44
51.175.***.*** 2019.02.16 03:15:24
49.144.***.*** 2019.02.16 11:59:43
64.17.***.*** 2019.02.15 02:09:20


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Comments (2)

Comment by: Sugarflop
Please change your welcome page comepletely. People are not happy you have done this. Build your server on your own success not by copying others.
Comment by: Sugarflop
Thanks for stealing andcopy pasting my entire welcome message. Which I wrote specifically for my own server. This is not ok.

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