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Category Survival Economy 16x 
Sugarflop is a server dedicated to positive game play. We are also a ROP SERVER. This means we do not allow hacked or duped items. This includes supershops. Players work on community projects together or work for one another. This ensures that there is a need for communication and team work. We are very friendly and stay in contact via our Discord chat. On Sugarflop every player starts equally. Spawning at spawn farm you can collect fruit and wood or craft to sell items. Or ask other players if they have jobs they would pay you for. You work hard for your wealth and in return will make great friends who will look forward to your return. Our build layout is unique to our server. As we are 16X server we didn’t want players to have to travel far out from one another especially as we are so community based. So we have above spawn via lifts many towns all connected which are all free build areas. It is easy to navigate with many builds to explore. We have many parties and celebrations. This is important to us as our players work so hard! Come and see our mini games and the start of our central server subway line ! Please be sure to leave a review of your Sugarflop experience here !

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Comments (4)

Comment by: fluffyserverhopper
i really like this server, fun talking to people and working. very organised and i like the games , very pretty server. a shop owner helped me alot and gave me a tour would definitely recommend playing here
Comment by: bargowashere
Handles ban reports very poorly. Once you're banned you have no chance of being unbanned unless it was a bot-triggered mistake.
Comment by: Jarl-Penguin
This server is nice and friendly.
Comment by: Mikalas
The server is nice but the server is not forgiving, players that play the server might not have a good time unless you follow the rules hopefully

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