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Name Skylands Arena
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Added by jemni
Category 4x Public Noob Friendly 

If you love handcars, this is the server for YOU

  • On all Skylands servers we focus on building in the sky.
  • Handcar tracks. This server possibly has the largest handcar park around. If you know of a bigger one, I'd like to see it. Jemni is continually adding more handcar parkour, jumps and transportation by handcar.
  • Helpful stuff for noobs? We do our best
  • Currently the ongoing racing season is underway and you can start earning Cup points.

    Please add the following code to your server’s Welcome Message

    IP Year / Month / Day Hour / Minute / Second
    68.97.***.*** 2018.09.15 05:49:30
    176.26.***.*** 2018.09.04 08:04:25
    94.194.***.*** 2018.09.03 05:09:20
    182.55.***.*** 2018.09.02 08:17:07
    73.173.***.*** 2018.09.01 06:04:00
    74.105.***.*** 2018.09.01 05:44:27
    64.234.***.*** 2018.09.01 01:49:10
    101.186.***.*** 2018.09.01 11:04:53
    45.50.***.*** 2018.08.26 12:10:23
    71.94.***.*** 2018.08.22 03:28:55
    107.77.***.*** 2018.08.13 12:00:48

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    Comments (3)

    Comment by: TheGareth
    Fun and well built system! This is the server to go for fun
    Comment by: Elec
    I had to post this comment two times because the maximum characters was 255. I can just go on and on about how great this server is!
    Comment by: Astro
    Great world for hand cart racing

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