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I'm running a server that is designed for serious players who simply wish to build, explore, craft, and create. To help with this process I will give any player as much protected land as they need so they can build without fear of greifers and theifs. As an added measure of protection I have created many pre-made gold sign protected bordered sections for serious players to build in. Each section is completely surrounded with stone that is one block within that sections protective border which means other players will NOT be able to enter that players section at all except through whatever entrance the player creates. If the player places a steel door then no player other than the owner of that land will be able to enter giving the owner full peace of mind that their items and creation is completely safe. To further protect this server from irresponsible players I have decided NOT to grant admin access to anyone. There is no reason anybody needs those rights other then the owner. There is no limit to the amount of protected land I will give to any given player as long as they are regulars on the server. I will not tolerate bad Language or inappropriate talk or pictures.

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