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Added by Manticor
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We believe playing in any server should be simple and fun, and that is exactly what we have done. The Clish Network staff has turned something like a war server which should be complicated into something all players can enjoy. When you spawn into the server, you can choose a faction by either going left or right. Within factions, players can create or join guilds. There's no special set up required either. However if players do not want to join or create a guild, they can go solo. Guilds can declare war with each other in-game and raid bases. Other than guilds, players can complete weekly quests and receive special items or money. You can find out what the weekly quests are by viewing the server Welcome Message pop-up. As you can tell, simplicity is our priority. Spawn Rules 1. No PvP 2. Do not greif or place blocks 3. Don't camp at spawn 4. Don't camp near spawn Server Rules 1. Do not hack, cheat, or duplicate 2. No offensive names or paintings allowed 3. No bad language or spamming 4. Do not use portal chests or trade portals 5. Respect admins and mods 6. Do not ask to be a mod or admin
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Comment by: tailsprower
Manticor why is clishcraft down? Please get it back up and running,if possible!I love clishcraft!

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