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Name ClishCraft
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Added by Manticor
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ClishCraft is a server based around creating and exploring with friends.Discover the simplicity, originality, and organization that has been put into the server. 1. Do not greif 2. Do not steal 3. Do not cuss in chat or on signs 4. Do not spam the chat 5. Be kind and cooperate with others 6. No PvP 7. Do not hack, cheat, or duplicate 8. Do not place anything at spawn 9. Do not ask to be admin or mod 10. Respect admins and mods 11. Do not beg for sleep or items 12. If you didn't place it, don't touch it

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Comment by: tailsprower
Why is clishcraft down?

Website made by the people at=MGN=, our Blockheads & Cubic Castles clan/gaming society.