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Name Pirate Cove
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Added by Yacht-Crafter
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Welcome to Pirate Cove Where even you can be a swabbie! Vote for our server at! How to Play Pirate cove is a pvp based server. As soon as you leave the steel coated spawn, you are subject to being attacked from other players. It is highly recommended you join or create a team as soon as you join. Such teams will be called brigades. When you are on that brigade, your number one rule is to survive. People will attack you, and remember, safes and cabinets are not allowed, so anything is fair game! Rules ♨️ Leave the bottom block of trees! It lets them regrow! ♨️No safes or cabinets! (How will people loot you?) ♨️Do not store items in portal chests for safekeeping! ♨️Obey admins at all times! ♨️No swearing! ♨️No obscene pics! ♨️Do not break spawn! ♨️Do not bring in duplicated items and/or perform glitches

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Comments (8)

Comment by: BillyTrivett
I understand that this is a war server, but this is a little over-the-top. Please consider this comment.
Comment by: BillyTrivett
They even had that little smiley face. What, do they enjoy banning people? Before they even joined a faction or walked away from the SPAWN PORTAL? Here's a warning: DO NOT join Pirate Cove.
Comment by: BillyTrivett
I closed my window and found that I was repeatedly hit by an admin at spawn. After a few seconds, I was banned by the same admin with the message: Goodbye John Doe € =]. MORE IN THE COMMENT BELOW
Comment by: BillyTrivett
I was looking for a good server to join and found Pirate Cove, which was almost at the top of the list. I joined, spawned to have a good look around, and read the rules. MORE IN THE COMMENT BELOW
Comment by: Callum....
the admin was tj and some others
Comment by: Callum....
this server is good but admin's are twats i joinned the server got some stuff they all ran over killed me then banned me wtf
Comment by: admin
One last test.
Comment by: admin
Testing something!

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