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Name Doctor Who Empire
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Added by superblackzero23
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Welcome to Doctor Who Empires

Freeforall is a new-build server which is based on Economic-Type Server, We have Diamond Portals, Trade Portals and Friendly Mods, Admins. It is a new server but got so many votes, I don't know who have voted but we very appreciate it, thank you for your votes.

This Is Not A Silver Star Copy!!!

BillyTrivett said I copy the Starter Kits, Rules and even Buildings, these are my explanations:
  • Firstly, about the Rules copying, These rules are not From Silver Star nor from Freeforall, we both borrowed it from Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire
  • Secondly, I am an admin on Silver Star and I create Starter Kits for both server so they are 100% alike, so I did not copy them, I use my Idea
  • Lastly, he said mostly of our server buildings are all look like Silver Star's, if you can find any building of our server look a like, tell me BillyTrivett
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    Comments (14)

    Comment by: Mining_Slayer
    Wow sub you made it up high up on the list
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    And also u ask me about other server with the Trade Portals next to, go to Majic Moon, Cool Towers and Happy Town enough evidence?
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    P/S: I got 3 times when ppl go to my server a lot, now as you can see I have whitelisted my server because many noobs break a lot of things so I don't think I can have more votes in the next 1–2 days.
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    About the Kits, I will ask Jeff later. About the design, it is not your business to say about my server looking. And the vote? Easy, last time my server got 10 got in, I tell them to vote for me, there were 2 times I had that, ppl getting less now so...
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    The times for the votes on the vote page are grouped together. I'd like to ask, how do you manage to get so many votes in succession to each other?
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    Jeff said he made the kits first... Now you're lying? As far as I've seen, no other servers have three diamond chandeliers on top and trade portals on both side. If you've seen any, tell me.
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    I am busy with my server now so Jeff make the S.Kits based on mine. And many servers have D.C. and TP too, not only S.Star have it. And benches are on the left 'cause on my server, the "government" properties are all on the left.
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    Spawn looks very similar. There are three diamond chandeliers on top, two trade portals next to the spawn portal, and benches are left of spawn. The shops which starter kits are bought from are next to spawn.
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    I went on the server Silver Star today and asked the owner Jeff if he created the kits. He said yes.
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    I saw the starter chests on Silver Star first. If I'm not mistaken Silver Star opened before this one.
    Comment by: Omegaa
    No he did not copy he made the starter chests all by his own it is a really good server and they are really nice people
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    P/S: Both of the servers borrow the rules from Skeeve's Servers. (This is a fix version for my last comment 2nd sentence)
    Comment by: superblackzero23
    My server didn't copy S.Star. Both of the servers borrow it from Skeeve's. I made the Starter Kit for both servers so it is the same, if you want to check go to S.Star, I am admin there. And my server have no building like S.Star, list them out
    Comment by: BillyTrivett
    This server is just a copy of Silver Star, another server I go to. Even the rules, starter chests, and most of the buildings are the same. I'm not even sure how it got so far to the top of the list.

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