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Name Majic Islands
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Added by gollark8
Category Economy 4x FreeBuild 

Majic Islands

Majic Islands is a server to build huge cities while still keeping the trees & nature in them. Found enterprises, roam the blocky globe or just build a house. This is not a server where we give you anything you want for free; this is also not a grindingly hard server. It's economy-focused: you can work for people, found companies and create your own town. However, there are no licenses or out-of-game currencies involved: it's a free market. There are sky islands available, and our friendly admins can get you ownership signs. Have a nice day!

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Comments (2)

Comment by: ANGELO
This server is so old and worn out, everything is boring. The owner is desperate to get people active again that's why he's commenting on his own server. Come to PVP SCHOOL instead it's SO MUCH FUN
Comment by: gollark8
I love it here! There's a perfect blend of survival play & freebuild, and you can live in cities.

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